Mortar Mixing Pumps

Mix our mortars with m-tec machinery

M-Tec Mortar Mixing Pumps, helping us to expedite the construction process

Structural Panels GCT boasts extensive expertise in the use of mortar mixing pumps and machinery. We utilize these machines in our projects and offer them for sale along with the necessary parts. What sets us apart is our comprehensive service, including training teams on the proper use of these machines in tandem with the required mortar for their specific project. This streamlined approach empowers our clients by eliminating an extra step in the process, expediting project commencement, and accelerating the completion of residential or commercial endeavors.

First Floor with Carmelo's Structural Mortar Mix

The Mortar Line Includes:
– Structural 4000 PSI
– Type N
– Self Leveling Underlayment (SLU)


Mortar Application Machines For Sale

M-tec Mono Mix

The M-Tec Mono Mix mortar application machine is a compact, easy-to-handle pump and mixer. It’s ideal for applying all machine-mixable interior and exterior plasters, adhesives, and reinforcing mortars, accommodating both bagged materials and those that flow easily. As a portable and versatile machine suitable for various worksites, it empowers users to mix, transport, and apply the mixture to walls, making the application process more efficient. This technology enhances construction with GCT structural panels by facilitating quick installations in diverse projects. Once the components are correctly positioned and electrical and plumbing installations are in place, the mortar can be applied to the panel’s surface using the machine. The Mono Mix offers several benefits, including easy cleaning thanks to its simple structure, ample power for demanding tasks, and convenient transportability with the ability to be dismantled into three pieces for easy transportation.

M-tec D-30

The D30 is a powerful building site mixer designed for mobility and ease of transport, featuring proven m-tec technology. It serves as a robust all-rounder for processing dry mortar products with a granularity of up to 6 mm. The optional filter cap allows conveyor system feeding for optimal results, and its intuitive control layout with an absence of unnecessary switches enhances user-friendliness. The D30 also offers quick and easy-to-use connector systems that expedite the replacement of key components, ensuring efficient performance on the job. This machine is a valuable asset in streamlining the mixing process to promptly prepare mortar for application on our SCIP panels.


M-tec Duo 2000

The Duo-Mix is a versatile and powerful mixing pump renowned for its excellent mixing and adaptability to a wide array of materials. Its strength lies in the unique m-tec dual mixing system and patented mixing principle, ensuring impeccable mortar quality, even with challenging-to-mix products. The Duo-Mix can seamlessly transition from a mixing pump to a continuous mixer or mortar pump with minimal effort. It can be fed with bagged material, silo material, or bucket coat materials. This machine offers several benefits, including easy cleaning thanks to its simple structure, ample power for demanding tasks, and convenient transportability.