Structural Panels GCT

High-quality panels with galvanized steel wire mesh that create a solid, energy-efficient and durable construction system for residential, commercial, and industrial projects.


Single Mesh Structural Panel

The single panels are designed for walls, partitions, claddings, floors, and roofing for residential, commercial, and industrial construction. The single panel PSM, covered with the high strength concrete mortar, can be used as a load bearing structure in buildings, up to four floor heights.


Partitions and claddings in new or existing buildings


Curtain Walls in large-sized industrial and commercial buildings as an insulated finish and protection.


The walls are placed quickly and efficiently.


Floor and Roofing Structural Panels

The floor and roofing panels provide a great advantage such as a fast assembly time, lighter structure, and great insulation.

Main Advantages

Sustainable and energy-efficient technology

Efficient and quick installation

Hurricane/Wind Resistant

Earthquake Resistant


Main Benefits of the System in the US



Hurricane Resistant Design

Our structural panels exceeded lab test results focused on high lateral forces. The panels can withstand similar forces exerted by hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes as specified on page 25 of our TER report.
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Earthquake Resistant Design

Our structural panels are seismic resistant in accordance with the IBC Section 1613 design code. Our panels meet the ASCE 7 Sect. 12.2.1 requirements for concrete structures as specified in Table 16 on page 25 of our TER report.


Bullet Resistant Characteristics

Our structural panels have been used in the construction of federal buildings since they meet ANSI/UL/752-05 Bullet Resisting Equipment Standard for a Level III-A protection of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and relevant insulation values. Additional information is available on page 24 of our TER report.

Green Building and Sustainability

The temperature level comfort and efficiency of the structure built with the GCT technology, is achieved by the insulating core of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Energy consumption for cooling or heating is dramatically reduced using this technology and sustainability is promoted through recyclable materials.

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Mortar Application Machines For Sale


M-tec Mono Mix

The m-tec mono-mix – the adaptable mixing pump in 230 V for all machine applicable internal and external renders or adhesives and backing coats based on gypsum, lime-gypsum or lime-cement.


M-tec D-30

Mixer D30 is our robust all-rounder for processing dry mortar products with a granularity for up to 6 mm. It is found on numerous building sites throughout the world and rationalizes tasks such as bricklaying and the processing of fine concrete or screeds.


M-tec Duo 2000

The dual mixing system with two way mixing plus the patented sump principle. The two separate wet mixing chambers of the duo-mix plus guarantee top quality mortar, an even mix that is productive and free of cracks. All the usual trade renders such as cementitious floor screeds can be processed. We can offer relevant rebuild kits for special cases.

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How to Build Structures Using GCT’s Panels

The wall panel can be easily handled by one or two people, helping the team to speed up the construction without specialized labor and heavy equipment as compared with prefabricated structures.

Define Panel Layout

Define Panel Layout

Step 1

Place Panels with Wire Mesh

Place Panels with Wire Mesh

Step 2

Use Heat Gun

Use Heat Gun to Define Plumbing and Electric Sections

Step 3

Incorporate Relevant Plumbing and Electric

Incorporate Relevant Plumbing and Electric

Step 4

Verify Correct Measurement

Verify Correct Measurements

Step 5

Place Mortar

Place Mortar on the Structure

Step 6