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the key components of our constructions solutions

Our high-quality mortars are key components of our construction solutions. As an affiliate of Carmelo (a renowned leader in construction industry products), we uphold the highest standards in manufacturing and materials. We proudly source the finest, locally-produced ingredients from Puerto Rico, ensuring that our products are rooted in quality. Our mortars stand out as versatile solutions and are compatible with multiple mortar application machines. They’re tailored for projects that demand resilient and robust mixtures. GCT’s mortars empower builders to create structures that endure, setting a standard of excellence in construction and design.

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Structural Mortar Mix GCT

GCT 4000 PSI Structural Mortar

Our mortar is a single-component plaster composed of Portland cement, additives, and fiber reinforcement, excels in delivering superior bonding strength. This product, suitable for both spray and hand-trowel applications, offers low permeability and ease of placement and finishing. With high adhesion, shear, and compression strength, it ensures reliable bonding of patched areas to existing structures, and its resistance to sulfate attack and chloride ingression enhances the durability of structural reinforcements. Additionally, it is user-friendly, requiring only the addition of water on-site.

Carmelo Mix Type N GCT

GCT TYPE N Mortar Mix

GCT Type N Plaster / Mortar Mix is a blend of cement, specially graded masonry sand, fibers and additives that are combined in a carefully controlled proportion to enhanced their characteristics. This product has an excellent consistency, quality with good mixing, placing and finishing properties. Also, can be spray applied or hand troweled and is Environmentally Friendly with the use of local materials and enhanced with additives.

Self Leveling Mortar GCT

GCT Self Leveling Underlayment

GCT Self-Leveling Mortar is a poured-in-place cement based underlayment that self-levels and cures to create a flat, hard surface on interior floors before installation of any floor finish. It is used to level floors, correct horizontal surface defects, or as a follow-up to
rough-screed projects. Typical applications include commercial, industrial, and residential projects on new construction or restoration over concrete flatwork, nonmoving wood floors, flooring with cutback resin, and other firm porous and nonporous surfaces.