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Structural Concrete Panels for housing, commercial and industrial projects.

GCT offers US and Caribbean markets access to innovative Structural Concrete Insulated Panels (SCIPs), so construction projects can be designed to withstand hurricanes, earthquakes, and water surges, with the added sustainable value of energy efficiency. We use M2 Machinery from Italy to manufacture the SCIPs. Our goal was and is to meet the needs of the customers and local construction challenges of homeowners and contractors. This led us to testing our panels with independent labs and obtaining a Technical Evaluation Report (TER) certification. We have been in operation for more than 12 years and are owned by Carmelo Group, a leading company in the concrete building products and aggregates business for over 68 years located in Puerto Rico. Our innovative SCIP panels are changing the game for the construction industry by offering thermal insulation, quick installation, and architectural freedom for residential and commercial projects. We are enthusiastic to support you as you build your ideal project with GCT panels, alongside our team.

The Mortar Line Includes:
– Structural 4000 PSI
– Type N
– Self Leveling Underlayment (SLU)

Advantages of Using GCT’s Panels

  • Easy to Handle and Quick Installation – Shortening of the construction time using the GCT SCIP System compared to those carried out with the traditional systems, optimizing the construction process, increasing productivity, and reducing labor cost.
  • Architectural Freedom – We offer a full range of building panel components including: load bearing walls, partition walls, floor slabs, and roof slabs. 
  • Structural Capacity – Laboratory tests have proven the high load capacity of the GCT SCIP component. Compression tests with center load carried out on a finished 10ft high single panel, have shown strengths more than 20,000 lbs. / ft. 
  • Energy Efficient Construction with Thermal Insulation: The panel’s thermal insulation properties help regulate both hot and cold temperatures. This creates a more energy efficient home and helps reduce insurance and other costs.
  • Competitive Cost: The system helps reduce the use of other materials like concrete, given that traditional projects would use between 50-80 cubic yard of concrete compared to the 25-40 cubic yards used by Carmelo’s Structural Panels.
  • Reduces Waste and Other Materials –  Reduces the number of products needed in comparison to traditional construction.  The panels are  environmentally friendly because  less concrete is used,  which reduces the amount of carbon footprint.
  • Fire Resistant – The EPS core used for the GCT SCIP is self-extinguishing, meeting ASTM C-578. Once covered with the concrete layers on each side, the panels are protected from melting in case of a fire. A standard panel component has been rated for one (1) hour fire resistance rating according to the IBC Section 722. By increasing the mortar layer thickness, the panels can achieve up to four (4) hours of fire rating.

Seismic Response Modification Factor, a controlled simulation by Carmelo carried by DrJ Engineering LLC / Qualtim in Madison, Wisconsin

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